2018 FRC FIRST Power-Up Reflection

Please respond to the following questions as completely, thoroughly, and honestly as possible. This is less an assignment for a grade (though it is that) as it is a chance to learn, grow, and improve for future competitions. Complete sentences are required.

1) What aspects of the competition/robot did you work on?

2) What worked well or what was a success you experienced for this project?

3) What did not work well/what challenges did you face for this project?

4) What did you learn while working on this project that you can carry forward either into the next FRC Competition or further?

5) If you were to assign yourself a grade (out of 100) what grade would you give yourself and why? Be honest about your involvement in the competition, the build season, and your effort.

6) What needs to change next year to improve Sparta Robotica’s ability to compete and place at a higher level in this competition?