The Challenge:
Robots will be designed and built to compete in a variety of challenges utilizing FRC components and programming.

The Rules:
Robots must be built in accordance with the 2017 FRC Inspection Checklist, all robots MUST pass inspection (to be completed by a two member from each opposing team, all disagreements will be settled by Mr. Santambrogio). All teams must submit a CAW/BOM form available here:


The Games:

Robots will pre-load a 2012 REBOUND RUMBLE ball, begin from the starting line, avoid an obstacle, and score the ball into one of two goals. 100 points for the high goal, 50 for the low.

100 Yard Dash: robots will “race” over 100 yards and stop within a “braking zone” fastest time wins 100 points, slowest wins 70. Minus 5 points for every foot of robot beyond the “braking zone.”

The Rack: Robots have 3 minutes to collect colored PVC squares and hang them on the corresponding color-coded hook. Points get higher the higher up the rack they are hung. 25, 50, 75, 100. -10 points for hanging the wrong square on the hook.

Giant Slalom: 3 different Drivers must negotiate the robot through a slalom course. The fastest average time between the three will earn 100 pts. 2nd place wins 75 points. Minus 10 points for every cone hit.

End Game: For scoring the 2012 REBOUND RUMBLE ball teams will earn 3 (three) 30 second End Game periods in which they will have a chance to load and score (from the loading zone) 3 additional balls. 10 points for the high goal, 5 for the low, per ball. Highest scoring round counts for 100 points 2nd place earns 50. Parking on the balance board before the 30 second time runs out earns each team an additional 50 points after total ball score.

The fine print: Teams will begin with the same basic kit of parts. Shop materials are available, however, additional parts that are available in limited supply (pneumatics/gear boxes, etc) may be “purchased” through an in class auction and added to your CAW/BOM

FRC Forms