Build Your Own Robot Project

What are you going to build and why? This project must be related to the Thomas Jefferson High School Robotics Program, how it is related is up to you but it must in some way incorporate the knowledge you have gained thus far in your robotics career and somehow benefit the robotics program.

What will this project require of you? Has this type of project been completed before? Where/when/why/by who? What are your skills that will help you complete this challenge? What are your areas of weakness for this challenge? What will you need for this challenge: parts, tools, materials, assistance, training?

Materials needed/cost analysis:
What supplies will be required to complete this project? How much will this project cost? Where will any/all necessary funding for this project come from? These do not need to be exact amounts but you should have a basic grasp of the cost associated with this project before getting involved. You are solely required to obtain the materials needed for your project.

Time Line:
Plan out your goals and completion dates for this project, all projects MUST be completed in time to be demonstrated to the class prior to finals/check-out. Be realistic with what you can complete and by what dates. What needs to be done and by when to keep on schedule? You will be expected to meet the deadlines you set for the project. How much out of class time will be required for this project? What is your presentation date? All presentations are due week of April 15th -19th. NO LATE WORK WILL BE EXCEPTED.

Your proposal must also include a rubric to be used to assess your robots success. YOU will decide how this project is graded, this success must be measurable and obtainable. How will I/the class know this project works?

Each project will be presented to the class in accordance with your presentation date. Each project must be accompanied by an engineering notebook (standard template) and include a minimum of two entries per week. Notebooks must be submitted at least two days prior to your presentation.

*All proposals must be submitted via email, typed double spaced and meet the requirements listed above. Proposals must be realistic, safe, cost and time effective or they will not be approved. Proposals should be submitted no later than Wednesday 4/5 to ensure ample completion time of the project.